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OUR Mission

At TFTM, our goal is to put you in the best position to win by applying our next generation analytics, expertise and extensive Research. 


IT is time to stop guessing and start winning.


Q: After I purchase a VIP package, what do I do?

 A: Once you have purchased the package of your choice, you are set. All you need to do is wait for picks to be sent out daily! 

**Follow our social media accounts so you don't miss our announcements when picks are sent out!**


Q: How do I receive my VIP picks?

Our daily picks will be sent via EMAIL. The EMAIL you use when checking out is the EMAIL that your package picks will be sent too so please be sure you enter your email in correctly!


Q: Are payments recuring?

No, payments are not recuring. Once the package expires, you will need to repurchase the package again to keep on receiving our daily picks.

Q: Does TFTM provide picks for all sports?

Yes! We take pride in diversifying our picks and taking advantage of all financial opportunities each sport provides!

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